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Whether your business is looking for a Web site, a content management solution, a server-connected mobile app or a complex Web-based database application, Logical Developers can provide you with an affordable way to get the project done well and fast. Our clients know it and that is why they keep coming back.

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Our use of cutting-edge development tools and technologies allow us to produce customized Web applications that look and feel like desktop applications on PCs and Macs and that look and feel like mobile apps on smartphones.

About Us

Logical Developers offers a multitude of services from mobile and web-based database solutions, web application development and hosting, desktop and mobile software development, application migration services, graphic design, training, and consulting. Our services range from web design to content management solutions, to creating web-based database and workflow solutions. Based in New York City, we have been in the industry for years. Our company has the right combination experience, expertise, and and attention to detail to develop the best solutions and strategies for our clients.

Logical Developers owes its technical acumen to the collective decades of experience that we bring to bear. But our clients learn immediately that what distinguishes Logical Developers from other such companies is our unwavering devotion to customer service and the process of providing personalized attention from the start of a project to its conclusion.

There are lots of software development companies out there, many of which sacrifice personalized customer service in a mistaken pursuit of efficiency. So why do we put so much of our resources into our customer service? Because in the long run, it is just good business. Our clients agree.


Web Applications as Business Solutions

From workflow applications to database applications and beyond, Logical Developers’ ability to wade through the requirements-gathering process, project execution and to come full-circle to project completion time after time make us the Logical choice for your next customized Web application project.

Business Application Development

The three secret ingredients that go into any successfully completed business application are experience, attention to detail and the use of the best tools available. At Logical Developers, we combine those ingredients every day to build our customers world-class quality Web applications. Our experience has come to us as we have steadilly been required to produce applications for a variety of industry sectors:

  • Financial industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Entertainment industry
  • Education
  • Research
  • More…

Logical Developers’ collective decades of experience continues to help us to adapt our problem-solving approach for new industries on a regular basis.

Our attention to detail is what probably sets Logical Developers apart most from our competition. We know that the last 10 percent of the job is really 50 percent of the job. Finishing is everything and it makes the difference between a happy customer and one who is less than happy.

But as important as experience and attention to detail are, our acquisition, use and mastery of the best third-party tools allows Logical Developers to come in on time and on budget. Rapid Application Development tools like those from Telerik and DevExpress help us keep the quality of our applications high while keeping our customers’ costs low.

Well Designed Applications Require Modern Methodologies

Database Design

Great application design begins with great database design, which can only be achieved when the requirements have been painstakingly analyzed. At Logical Developers, we understand the importance of these early processes in the lifecycle of a project.

Having to return to the drawing board late in the project because of some unanticipated requirement will all but guarantee wasted effort, wasted resources and wasted time.

The collective decades of experience that we bring to bear in optimizing a database relational model to suit a specific business need makes Logical Developers the logical choice.

Scrum Methodology

Agile development is the cornerstone of how Logical Developers is able to rapidly respond to changes in project requirements that often happen in the real world. This approach stands in contrast to traditional methodologies that require entry criteria, task definitions, validation criteria, and exit criteria (ETVX). It is through the deep understanding of an application’s business requirements that our developers are able to reliably solve complex business problems in a fraction of time as would be accomplished using traditional methodologies.

Databases Done Right

Whether it is consistent adherence to entity naming conventions or thoughtful assignment of entity relationships, Logical Developers has the expertise and experience to build the right database solution every time.

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Have a project for us?
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Is Your Current Platform a Dead End?

As software platforms and standards march inevitably forward, it is easy for your software to be left behind. And as support for those platforms wanes, all aspects of your application become jeopardized: from UI obsolescence to security holes.

We have the tools and expertise to help. We can update your UI to a new, faster, responsive design with world-class UI elements. We can move your application to Microsoft .NET Core and use our toolbox to bring all aspects of your code up to speed.

We’ll Bring You Forward

Iron Speed Designer Application Migration
With the sad news that Iron Speed Designer ceased operations in 2015 came the imperative to migrate those existing projects to a supported platform. We have chosen to pursue a migration path to Microsoft ASP.NET Core with the optional use of Telerik Kendo UI elements. We at Logical Developers are extremely familiar with all aspects of Iron Speed Designer and many other legacy platforms and so if you have a legacy application that needs to be migrated to a supported platform, we are uniquely qualified to be of help. Through the use of our exclusive code converter/generator, we can help your organization migrate your project while minimizing costs.

Once your application is on a supported platform, you will have the option of shopping around for the talents of thousands of developers from everywhere with broad experience with a standardized platform.

Find out how we can help you migrate your Iron Speed Designer project.

Microsoft Access Migration
With more than a decade of experience in migrating Microsoft Access applications to ASP.NET web applications, we have huge number of such projects under our belt.  We’ll analyze your Access application and migrate it to the web with ASP.NET.

Xamarin to ASP.NET Maui Migration
Since Microsoft announced the discontinuation of Xamarin in favor of .NET Maui, a fuller-featured successor, it has become imperative for organizations with existing Xamarin applications to migrate those applications to .NET Maui.  If your company is still sitting on an unmigrated Xamarin app, let us help you make that migration as frictionless as possible.

Other Migration
With our decades of collective experience in such technologies as legacy ASP, PHP, Perl, etc., we have the know-how to bring your application into the present and beyond.  Let us know how we can help.


  • OXO Product Database – This internal-use web application allows authorized users to access a library of current and deprecated products made by OXO including materials, patent information and regulatory requirements.  It also tracks consumer complaints and Amazon ratings, which are uploaded to the database on a regular basis in Excel format, which then analyzed, allows for easy-to-understand data visualizations and the early detection of any possible production issues.  This has been in production for several years.
  • OXO Product Database Importer – This application was developed and used to collect and combine data from disparate data sources to produce the consolidated OXO Product Database
  • Multiple upgrades — we added a comprehensive compliance module that streamlined the data input necessary to generate country-specific documentation to fulfill the legal requirements of multiple countries.


  • OutageNet – Managed by BHI Energy ( ), OutageNet is a multitenant, multi-role employee timesheet management system that was developed to allow the management and reporting of maintenance work performed at many of the nations nuclear power plants during periodic planned outages.  This has been running in production for 7 years during which there has been a constant steady stream of requested and fulfilled enhancements.
  • TDProjectNet – This multi-role application allows an electric utility to document and manage service requests and fulfilments for equipment such as downed power lines or malfunctioning transformers.  The web-based interface allows some users to input, others to view on a limited basis and still others to have complete control over the information.

  • Online Business Manager (OBM) – This PCI-compliant, multitenant, multi-role, multi-portal application allows health clubs to manage employees, members and third-party trainers.  Managers, members, trainers all have separate portals.  Credit card and ACH billing is performed in-application and many user roles are supported within the management module, which includes extensive reporting capabilities.  PCI compliance, audited annually requires the highest level of security including database encryption and key management.  This has been running in production for 6 years during which there has been a constant steady stream of requested and fulfilled enhancements that continue even today on a monthly basis..
    • AccessPass – These are IOs and Android apps, both currently available from Apple’s app store and Google Play, that allows health club members of OBM clubs to have rapid access to the member portal, which presents a scannable member barcode and allows for the purchase of products and training sessions.
    • OBM GateKeeper – This device, developed by Logical Developers, allows for unattended, after-hours access to a health club by authorized members.  It features a camera and always-on window facing barcode scanner that checks the eligibility of the scanned member barcode, and if eligible, activates a relay that automatically unlocks the door.  Health clubs wishing to broaden their revenue stream have now begun to take advantage of this new option.
  • NIHCA Rewards ( ):  In production for 2 years now, this HIPPA-compliant, multitenant, multi-portal, multi-role application allows dozens of member health insurance companies to reimburse health club members whose monthly attendance rises above a threshold level.  It links hundreds of thousands of members with thousands of clubs to those insurance companies.  Members have their own portal where they can review their workouts and reimbursements.  Clubs have their portal, where member status can be reported and workouts can be submitted.  Insurance companies have their portal where member/club information can be maintained.  Ever month, request files containing workout numbers are submitted by clubs.  Shortly after, response files are sent by the insurance companies, confirming member reimbursements.  The application then generates the appropriate ACH files, which Money Movers then processes.


A client for about two decades, we have developed many solutions over the years beginning with website content management in the late 90s.  Two of our  much more modern web-based applications are currently in production:

  • PJSC Contact Manager is a secure, internal-use custom CRM application and database that allows for detailed searching and filtering of client data as well as call and meeting minutes reporting.  It is also the source of mailing list generation.  PJSC Contact Manager included the development of a custom Microsoft Outlook Add-In that facilitated adding one’s personal Outlook contacts to the centralized CRM database.
  • PJSC Expense Manager is a secure, internal use custom multi-role web application that allows employees to easily enter, categorize and attribute business expenses.  Managers can review and approve those expenses and generate expense reports in multiple formats.

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